Unblock Your Nexus S

Due to my needs to unlock Samsung Nexus S mobile device, I tried to find out some valuable guidelines how to do it. Unfortunately many of sources told me it not completely, or contained outdated information. It was a fuel for my engine and here you can get the revised way, how to make your Andrew unlocked.

My interest for it is to arrange Cisco VPN connection. It needs some utilities which need rooted mobile device. Unblocking is the first step and prequel of rooting itself.


*        Samsung Nexus S mobile device with Android 2.3.x system

*        Computer with Windows XP/Vista/7 system

*        USB cable compatible with Samsung Nexus S and computer

*        Android SDK application

*        PDANet application

How to

Download the Android SDK application

*        Visit the web page http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

*        Download a proper version of Android SDKCreate a working folder on your computer

*        Make a folder „C:\AndroidSDK“

Unzip the .zip file to the folder „C:\AndroidSDK“

Stay in the „C:\AndroidSDK“ folder and run „SDK Manager.exe“

*        Android SDK Manager application is going to fetch and parse data from web repository – it is an automatic process independent on user

*        In the Android SDK Manager mark following items:  Tools\Android SDK Tools,  Tools\Android SDK Platform-tools,  Android 2.3.3\SDK Platform

*        Click the button „Install packages“ and wait for the end of download and installation processes

Move the files „adb.exe“ and „fastboot.exe“ from „C:\AndroidSDK\platform-tools“ into the location „C:\AndroidSDK\tools“

Turn on your mobile device and set the USB debug mode, tap-in:

*        Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging>ON>OK

Download the PDANet application

*        Visit the web page http://www.junefabrics.com/android/download.php

*        Download a proper version of installer

Close (if running) the Android SDK Manager, kill the „adb.exe“ process in Task Manager, and run the „PDANet.exe“ installer and follow the wizard

*        Next>I accept the agreement>Next>Next>PdaNet for Android>Next>Yes>Samsung>OK>Confirm the driver installation>Finish

Plug the USB cable into your mobile device and your computer and check, if the mobile device is detected by newly installed PDANet application

Unplug the USB cable from computer and reboot the mobile device to debug mode

*        Hold power button to turn off the mobile device>Power Off>OK

*        While off, press and hold „Volume Up“ button on the left side of your mobile device and press „Power“ button on the right side of your mobile device

Plug the USB cable again into your computer

Open the command line on your computer and input following commands:

cd „C:\AndroidSDK\tools“  # This will switch you to the folder with proper commands
fastboot devices          # This will list your connected mobile device and mode (check)
fastboot oem unlock       # This will unlock your mobile device

After that, you can check the mobile device – it is in fastboot mode and the „LOCK STATE“ value is now „UNLOCKED“