Mixed mode vs. Native mode – message size

The message size you can define on particular Exchange connector responsible for e-mail traffic inside and/or outside of your company. Problem of undeliverability „correct sized“ messages causing the MIME coding. Different national environment brings up different national signs. Special signs (important to say: not only in message, but in the attachment) are represented (are coded) with 1+1 sign. It presents growth around 30 percents for every „regionalized“ message. That is the reason why you cannot put through messages close to defined limit. In addition to that, Outlook shows supposed size, not real size (for example 4.8 MB, not 5 MB). Nice feature of mixed mode, isn’t it?

How about native mode? Ability of Exchange 2000/2003 servers helps to recognize „the other side“ (recipient server). Presence of Exchange 2000/2003 „on the other side“ allows to establish another type of encoding for size optimization. Limits are defined, but you can send a little bigger messages in real.